1. Not eating enough

2. Soreness, strain, and pain

3. Overuse injuries

4. Fatigue

5. Reduced appetite and weight loss

6. Irritability and agitation

7. Persistent injuries or muscle pain

8. Decline in performance

9. Workouts feel more challenging

10. Disturbed sleep

11. Decreased immunity or illness

12. Weight gain

13. Loss of motivation

Have we got your attention? 13 scary signs for any runner. Are any of these relevant to you? 

If the answer is yes to any of these questions. Reach out to your supporters, your support network, your coach, your GP, The Running Klub and PUT THE BRAKES ON YOUR RUNNING. 

These 13 examples are symbols of what is commonly determined as ‘OVERTRAINING SYNDROME’. However, I think there is a little misconception using this term. 

Your training load may be typically good and manageable but other stressors such as work or family strife are affecting your recovery and stress levels. Subsequently, leading to the symptoms of ‘OVERTRAINING SYNDROME’.

I want to be controversial and drop this term. As it only seems to implicate training in its cause but actually it’s the imbalance of all of life’s stressors which lead to the condition. ‘chronic fatigue’, ‘stress fatigue’, whatever you want to call it, this is serious. Prolonged periods continuing in this situation can lead to irreparable or long term health conditions meaning training levels and other things in life will never be retained or certainly delayed. The controversial coach, Aberto Salazer, spent a lot of his career in this dire situation and now has long term heart and other conditions. Doctors and experienced elite athletes have pushed the boundaries for too long and spent a year or years out of the sport with hormonal, digestion and immunity issues meaning no progress or even an ability to reach previous running levels. It’s not just physical, long term mental problems, such as manic depression and anxiety can be a result of a runner who is constantly ‘burning the candle at both ends’.

The only saviour is rest and getting balance back. 

Running is AMAZING. Training reaps rewards. Work, life, training balance is imperative for long term health.