Feet are our dear friends that interact with the ground wherever we go. On the playground, in the office, on a job site and anytime we are running. The feet are an engineering marvel. Unfortunately, we numb most of the sensory feedback loops by wearing really bulking, squishy shoes. In some cases we must wear these types of shoes. Safety on job sites, challenging trail terrain or for warmth and protection in the colder months. We are NOT saying don’t wear shoes – Simply, no matter what you do and how you do it, your feet need to be active and engaged in the process.

We see a huge amount of people that throw their shoes away and start running in minimal shoes or barefoot. I strongly suggest taking a slightly different approach. My 3 steps to FIRING YOUR FEET.

Step 1
Start rolling your feet and activating the plantar (bottom) of your foot. Start to become aware of the different areas under your foot the feel sore or tough. If you look on Google you will find a lot of ‘Rolling balls’. Find something that works for you.

Step 2
Add in TOE-GA.
There is not limit in time. personally I add in TOE-GA everyday for around about 1 minute each exercise. Sometimes it varies but it is a good guide.

Toe-Ga 2

Step 3
Walk barefoot as much as possible. At the park on the grass, at home, at the beach and anywhere else. Think about buying a pair of barefoot sandals to walk in. This is a great way to fast track FIRING YOUR FEET. Avoid walking barefoot in any places that can be unsafe.

The 3 steps will take time and your feet will not awaken over night. If you are 40 years old, you most likely have 35-38 years of shoe living lifestyle. That will not correct overnight but it will happen in time.