Raise the intensity over this one, I recommend you do 1 Round of series #2 (Mobility),  as a pre-activation for the intensive stimulus.

This is a non-stop circuit with no rest in between the drills.

Set(s): 4-6 sets

Reps: 30-40 seconds or as long as you can,  45” to 1´30” Rest between each round (set)

Rest: 45 seconds to 1min, 30sec rest between each set.

  • Roll forward hips extending alternating legs
  • Tessen arm crossing
  • Jumping planks
  • Side Planks, arm-leg touching
  • Jumping push-ups
  • Push Up to Squats
  • Alternating back lunges
  • High knees jump
  • Push up, rotate +side plank
  • Forward + Backwards duck walking
  • Power knee Up over lunge
  • Rolling (army) explosive push up
  • Power knee up over side lunge