Training option destined this time to stimulate the reactive strength for your lower body, starting with mobility and proprioception drills mostly directed for runners and to all running based sports. As a preparation for a given stimulus, one round of all the drills will be enough, and to make this workout itself a workout, 4 to 5  Rounds of all the drills will constitute an entire stimulus. 

Set(s): 4-5 sets

Reps: 20-30 seconds

  • Bottom-up Mobility: ankles, knees, hips, whole-body rotation.
  • Walking warm-up: twisting, inside support walk, outside support walk, over toes walk, over heels walk.
  • Rocking from toes to heels.
  • Squat over toes.
  • Squat to tiptoes.
  • Short-range  A Skip on the spot.
  • A Skip on the spot.
  • B skip on the spot.
  • Leg pull while skipping.
  • Running on the spot.
  • Rudiments on the spot.
  • Rudiments sidewards.
  • Rudiments backward- forward.
  • Side to side short jumps.
  • One leg, arm raised rudiments.