A few DM questions have come through for all things Couch to 5KM. So, let’s go through them in more depth.

The number one question is what do we get by joining the course as opposed to joining the platform? The course is built within the platform and is accessible to all of our members. The E-Book of the Couch to 5KM course is completely FREE and you can download it right now. The course is more engaging, videos, deeper understanding with some audio (podcast snippets and episodes). In my mind, the course is always the premium way to interact and learn new things. The book is more of a resource you can easily access whenever you like.

You need to work out what is best for you. Signing up to access the course and our library of videos (over 220 when writing this) and continuing to grow. Our NZ and AUS members have huge discounts (30-45% of in all cases). Plus Q&A’s and mini-courses that will continue to be added. It’s a no brainer in my mind but hey, I work here!!

Why is yours different? I have found so many FREE Couch to 5km programs online!
We hear you and there is nothing to stop you from taking those programs and products. We didn’t start The Running Klub to provide cookie-cutter programs. Otherwise, we would have 100 programs online and sell them to everyone and anyone. The programs are, in all honesty, the easy part. The hard part? That’s putting all of the pieces together and educating yourself about the process. That’s where we come in. Our chapters are designed to educate you first and foremost.
Second, they are designed to give you the tools so you can run intelligently.
Third, Give you the confidence to know what you are doing and how you can do it.
Lastly, you will be surrounded by a team that can help at any stage.

I have done the C25KM, what’s next?
It all depends on your why? What’s your purpose for running and what significance does distance mean to you?
The sky’s the limit when it comes to an event, distances and personal challenges. If running your first Ultra Marathon is a goal – Check out our E-Book created by UK Head Coach – Nathan Montague. If you want to increase performance and become the best runner you can be – The best way would be with a coach in your corner. Start with Tailored Coaching.

Tell us, what is your why? Maybe we can create a course or share with you some tools to help you on your journey?

Send us a DM or Email – We would love to talk with you and create content designed just for YOU!