There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad kit choices.
Said, he being blown backwards, rain piercing exposed eyes as he scrambles over the peak of Tryfan. Breathable Gore-Tex jacket, innovative baselayer, waterproof taped seam, breathable trousers, and the latest goat sole daps attempting to keep you upright on the slippery rocks. The only people who say this are those who smugly half smile on their perches when others get caught out with the wrong gear in bad weather.

But, regardless of the kit it can be bad. It can hurt. The weather can win the battle. And it’s no slight on your gear choice or your resilience. It just bloody hurts. Somehow you got to battle through the pinball hail and gusts of 90MPH+.

No daps are going to give you grip on 3 foot piles of snow on the Pennine way or ice sheets on the rocks of Grib Goch. No gloves are going to protect the hands and still make them usable crossing Hellevyn in -10 degrees. Just pure resilience, determination and motivation.

So yes kit choice is one factor. But, you just have to be hard sometimes and fight through and it is ok to say it was tough. Kit choice is marginal here. Those are the winning days. The willingness to fight, to be resilient, those are the days that count. Make it count