Calendar Club 2021

A seemingly easy and benign challenge is the Calendar Club. Spoiler alert - It's far from easy.

Calendar Club 2021

Day 1 – 1Mile, day 2 – 2Miles and so it goes. The beginning is so slow and easy that it begs the question ‘What am I doing here!’ – Day 10, 11 and 12 the disco music starts to play in the background. The sweat on the brow begins and the rhythm picks up. ABBA has just cranked out their first song and it’s almost time for MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!

Day 18, 19 and 20 – Deeper we go. Disco has morphed into the 3 am grim on the d-floor. The blinkers are on and the outside world is becoming a faint illusion on the senses. 18 miles, 19 miles and 20. No days off, life goes on. School pick ups, work, shopping. How to mange your time, motivate your team, stay focused. Brilliant – Now we have a challenge!

Day 25, 26 and 27 – We are almost at sunrise. This was an all night dance affair and the legs are getting heavy. Time for your go to drink, deep breath and one last push to the finish line. You have come this far – Nothing is going to stop you now. ABBA is a distant memory, the end of the month so very close.

Day 30 and Day 31. The end. Since the 27th you have ran a marathon every day. You are not normal, you are a superhuman. This is where the 1-2% of people shine. You can do this. Walk, shuffle and do what is necessary. Last day, 31 Miles 49.9KMS – WILD! This could be your first almost 50KM run – You are finishing a month a true GRIT – DETERMINATION – PURPOSE. 465MILES/748KMS You have done it.
With your team or solo, this is the battle you can go through. Reward yourself or fall short like a warrior awaiting the final blow. In life we make decision to become the people we aspire to be. If you are set on a challenge, looking for an event that will bring out the best in you – Challenge the depths of you and inspire those closest around you. The Calendar Club is exactly that.