Calendar Klub Diaries

The #Calendarclub goal is to run the number of miles of the date of the month.


The #Calendarclub goal is to run the number of miles of the date of the month. For example, April 1st = run 1 mile, April 5th = run 5 miles, April 30 = run 30 miles. It starts out fairly easy…but gets very tough by the end of the month. The final week adds up to 189 miles (more than 7 marathons) and 465 miles in total for the entire month. That’s like running from New York City to Cleveland, Ohio, text taken from Colin O’Brady Facebook page.

Colin O’Brady

We endeavour this blog to function as a rolling journey. Like the Rocky balboa movie franchise, it just keeps going and going and going. Our journey will end when our main man Josh Lynott will reach day 30 of his #calendarklub challenge.

Josh is an incredible athlete, person, photographer and thinker. He is an author, adventurer and spends 10 months of the year floating around the globe doing things we all dream of. Calendar Klub has kept him in his home town of Adelaide waking up early, walking with his mum and in general knocking out the km’s. It has been fun to follow. If you haven’t already, jump on to @therunningklub and @joshlynott to follow along.

David Turnbull has been mentoring and coaching Josh through the entire challenge. DT as we know him is certainly no stranger to massive undertakings of this kind having just completed a full EVEREST. Plus a sprinkle of Fastest Known Times (FKT’s) and represented his adopted country Australia at the world trail championships. Yes, not bad!

The goal of this article is to provide a snapshot of some keys days and really delve into the final week. The early days are almost non-events for your Josh but in the final week things will start to get really interesting!

Day 1-8 April: No fabulously spectacular events took place during this period. Good times, great runs and an Instagram full of smiles. Not likely to change all month!

Wed 9 April: DT’s notes on a catch up with Josh – Discussed Yesterday .. Heart rate high and yet perceived effort not- this on a 7-mile day Introduce today – Chance to have some fun and tempo in the run so 3km WU and WD and 3 x 2mins with tempo sandwich (4mins/3.45/4mins) to engage the brain Why? Mental freshness Walk routine each morning with mum – why? Inner Sanctum and Josh working on this and mum’s role – “goodness” and “positive” .. helps both so Other people-centred Also Walking routine keeps body ready for the bigger weeks where it may be run/walk alternates Sleep: 9 to 6:30 – refresh – the power of sleep TO DO : ACQUIRE: Words from your inner sanctum and ask them if you were low/ looking to give up what could they write that would make you think differently .. what is it that inspires them to see you go far? Write the words down and put them on an index card handwritten by them (no digital message must have been crafted in pen or pencil) What is it that you will see as achievement on April 30? What is the reward and before that how do you visualize the successful end? What does it look like? Smell like? where will it be? and who will be in it?

Enter stage left – Magic Pants!

Goodphysio – were the team representing some amazing recovery tools. Normatec sleeves for the legs. Strong rumors suggest that these were formed in the depths of Mordor and have abilities that few ever experience in this mortal realm.

Marc from Good Physio

Day 10 April: Broke it up into 2 runs. Part 1,I ran with a friend. 4km, 3km, 2km, 1km with 500m walk in between and counted the walks towards mileage. Part 2: on treadmill at joggers world. (HR was lower on treadmill for some reason). Legs have been fine so far. Woke up feeling solid but whilst doing rotation exercises, something was off with my back (near my trap and back of neck). Found this a bit odd. Magic pants (Normatec) for 45 min tonight. Definitely upping the food consumption and still sleeping well in routine. Planning to knock 11 mile off in one hit tomorrow in Kuitpo with Angus. @angusbruce

Podcast recorded with DT and Josh. Enjoy

From day 10 to 16 things remained calm in the world of Josh Lynott. Not too much distance, not too many concerns. The winds were moving the boat along nicely and the sun is still shining.

17th – one of the toughest days of the month

Day 18 April: Today was a day where DT used Josh to help inspire some fellow runners. Runners who were down and out. They were struggling to come to terms with the isolation, that events are cancelled and they feel there is nothing worth running for. When times a tough it is all about the intrinsic drive that can keep you moving forward. Your perception of the world not the world it’self that makes it so grand. Josh was able to provide some words of wisdom.

“Tell them this is an opportunity to be in the best shape of their lives and to come out the other side and race like they never have before” – JL

Day 19 April: I feel like a shell of a human as I’m about to get into the shower… 5 minutes later the 3 thoughts came.

  • If you do something different, and you do it enough times, it will eventually become your new norm. However, it only becomes the norm for you. For the onlookers, your activity of choice remains different. It remains different because it’s either something they don’t do, can’t do or didn’t choose to do.
Josh Lynott – 3 thoughts of the evening

People don’t need to make sense of your timeline or your decisions. If you can make sight of a path worth pursuing, that’s all you need. Hold true to that vision and don’t be persuaded by those sitting on the fence nearby.

  • I don’t know what the eye of a storm looks like but I imagine it to be a place where people dance and parade around in joy. The storm will always be on the outside, but inside is where the calm lay and the courageous live.

DT’s note to Josh through their private conversations- ”You are your own kudos and you represent your own trophy .The internal motivation the feeling and purpose outstrip any trophy or prize money, last longer and mean more. The inner calm , control and connectedness to your goal/purpose give you a deeper confidence. You are doing a brilliant job .. now is the time to ensure that ship does not leak and it is up to the team to stick the course and not be shoring up holes of letting the world in .. it’s not time , nor is it a time for any self sabotage , it’s a time for discipline and operating rhythm , calm, face in and get the job done” DT

Day 20 April: Done

Day 21 April: Done

Day 22 April: DT’s notes to Josh- ”Wednesday 11km early and 24km by lunch – rest of day at leisure! Eat sleep pants! Others have dropped off the challenge and trying to put their failed agenda on to you ( misery has many friends ) as to why it’s okay to quit – they’re already in the shower and guilty – this weekend gone – faced one large hole in the ship, responded in binary, looking for quick answers and fixes to shore up the hole – shored up by Monday morning and ship on its way again – no longer emotionally sensitive and ignoring message distractions – driving the sea as a motor yacht fully navigating- driving not drifting.. great catch up Josh and look forward to our run tomorrow morning at 7 am Pier Street – Intervention 1 interference 0 – great scoring! Great performance!”

Day 23 April: Good vibes all round