Mountains. Viking. A new born baby.

Towards the end of 2019, I was splitting my time between container ships and tiny Pacific island nations.


Full article was written by Thor the Viking @onceuponasaga ; Torbjørn C. Pedersen;

So here we go! I am not a professional trail runner. I’m not even a semiprofessional trail runner. At best I’m a “headstrong amateur” and I was hardly ready for such a challenge. We do not need to go far back in time to find me moving less than 2km (1.2mi) a day. Towards the end of 2019, I was splitting my time between container ships and tiny Pacific island nations. I’ve been doing my daily pushups but that was just about it. Once my stay in Hong Kong began to get prolonged during early February I began to take up running again. And the Savagar’s whom I was living with (and still host me today) are avid hikers and brought me along to see some of Hong Kong’s splendid nature. I have always enjoyed hiking and Hong Kong is just perfect for it. So I took advantage of the many trails and continued pushing myself harder and harder with more and more difficult trails. I’m sure all the hiking lately has mostly been rooted in anger and frustrations but at least I find that it was channelled well. I soon learned about the 100k (62mi) MacLehose Trail and decided to do that in just three days. It has an elevation gain of 4,730m (15,518ft). Mount Everest is 8,848m (29,029ft). That meant about 10-12 hours of hiking per day and I was tired once done. However I naively also thought that I had “conquered hiking” in Hong Kong at that there couldn’t possibly be anything that could beat that in little Hong Kong. And I was so wrong. It took no time at all before someone told me that MacLehose is only one of four major trails in Hong Kong. For the next one, I recruited some friends! Leon, Brett and Dehua joined me for the 50k (31mi) Hong Kong Trail which we completed in about 12 hours. That one just has a 2,400m (7.874ft) elevation gain. Those hikes did not worry me. I felt (over) confident that I could hike MacLehose in three days and fully confident that the four of us would manage the Hong Kong trail in a day. However, the 70k (43.5mi) Lantau Trail with an elevation gain of about 3,500m (11.483ft) had me both scared and excited. Could I do that in less than a day?

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