Soulful Winter Run, Baby Grace and Bambi

The weather is starting to slowly turn into Autumn and both Emma and I are excited to see some colour in the trees.

Soulful Winter Run, Baby Grace and Bambi

The land of sweet dumplings, old cities and beautiful beer. Czech Republic is bringing the goods. The weather is starting to slowly turn into Autumn and both Emma and I are excited to see some colour in the trees. It has rained 4 days out of the two weeks here and by all reports, Liberec, our adopted home town, is the England of Europe. in other words, it rains, a lot!

Back from my first run tonight. For six weeks now I have been training for an Ironman. Scheduled in for March 2021 in Taiwan. Who knows if the world will allow this event to take place. Let’s see. I’m not a huge fan of riding, lucky it is growing on me. Man, the first ride left me sore in a few places no-one appreciates. I’ve toughened up since then. Swimming is my kryptonite and with two fingers on my left hand and a severe lack of motivation, it will remain a thorn in my side. I’m ok with that. Running, beautiful running. Tonight it reaffirmed why I love it so much.

Cold air, wet underfoot and the sun leaving for the night. My guess is New Zealand should be basking all of it’s glory as I punch away at the keyboard. My run was short, 28mins to be exact. I didn’t have a destination or any real clue where I was most of the time. I turned right out of the house, left where Emma said I should turn left and followed tram tracks down a hill. I pretended to be a local saying good afternoon in Czech to the dog walking folk ( I didn’t stick around long enough to be exposed). I veered off the tram tracks after a few minutes and turn left onto a winding footpath heading that way. I guessed towards our house. I was very, very wrong. I followed another street, charged up a hill and enjoyed the pain rise in the legs. My mind needed this. My soul needed this. I felt really alive. Pulsing to push further. A good 300m hill climb, a few nods to the barking dogs and I turned left. Down the street I speed up, my goal to keep my cadence ticking over and not letting myself cruise. The buzz continued.

3-4 minutes later and the road stopped. Forest in front of me with two options. Path to the right and one to the left. I guessed home was to the left, it had to be right! As I entered the forest I saw a baby deer and their mother. I quickly named them Bambi and stood still for 20 or 30 seconds to soak it all in. Nature is beautiful. I bid farewell to Bambi and mother deer and picked up the pace on a beautiful single track. Heavily treed and damp underfoot. A few cobwebs but nothing compared with our adventures on the Hong Kong trails. One adventure springs to mind with our mate Thor. 5 Minutes in and I started to question where I was. I should be out of here by now, I can here cars but see nothing. Nowhere to go but forward and finally I found some fairly run down sheds. Not super curious to hang out with any gypsy folk, I moved through without much sight seeing! To the road I go.

I finally hit a main road and immediately realized I was nowhere near where I thought I was. A good solid 8 minutes away from home, not so bad. It was dark when I arrived home and I made it back to give little Gracie a kiss goodnight. She had a touch day today and it was so nice to see her all cosy in her pyjamas and ready for bed. Beautiful little thing.

There mountains galore around us here in Liberec and over the coming weeks I will explore. We have made friends with someone who owns a beautiful hotel on one of the highest mountains in the region. We will make the most of this amazing place and get some filming done up there.

Happy running