Strength In Numbers

When we start running it is just as much a mental challenge as a physical one. How can running in a group help?

Strength In Numbers

Have you heard of the Köhler effect?

When we start running it is just as much a mental challenge as a physical one. Whether you are a beginner or extremely experienced it is easy for commitment to falter. It takes time for your body to adjust to the physical demands of training. Whether you’re increasing your load or starting from scratch.

It’s crucial to have a group whom you can run with, to help maintain a positive and supportive environment. When running you are more likely to have an increased level of effort in the presence of others through social facilitation. This is known as the ‘Köhler’ effect. Our coaches use it. David, from our Klubhouse Adelaide, swears by it. Increase your effort by training with others. 

Other than enjoying a coffee or good company. Running with a group can dramatically reduce the chance of failure. You commit to showing up (less chance of hitting the snooze button), having someone beside you spurs you on, creating a knock on effect for both you and them. It provides mental support when you are feeling flat and you are able to refine your skills from those around you.

Solo runs are great. They are ideal for personal sessions like interval training, tempo and long aerobic runs. You can set your pace, listen to some music and run your distance to your time. Ideally a mix of both, spread through your training week will provide you with maximum benefit.



Perfect Timing

When running in a group generally there are a few different levels of runners. It’s best to discuss with the group what paces you’ll be running before setting out.


Energy & endurance

When running with others you can tap into some social facilitation. Use your group to be more motivated than running on your own. Thus, pushing yourself that bit harder and achieving a new personal best.


Mindset & motivation

Use your squad as the ultimate distraction. Everyone hits that point where you just want to stop, turn around and go home. Group running allows you to distract yourself when times get tough.


Squads are social

Why run with others, why not? You get to meet like-minded people. Make new connections, learn new things and most importantly have fun. Plus, there is the added benefit of enjoying a post-run drink with company.