The Right Fit For The Right Foot

How many of you are completely stumped when it comes to purchasing a new pair of running shoes? We still get our self confused!

The Right Fit For The Right Foot

How many of you are completely stumped when it comes to purchasing a new pair of running shoes?

Altras zero drop running shoes, Saloman trail running shoes, Brooks split toe shoes, Mizuno running shoes, Hoka ultra padded running shoes and of course ones that we grew up with New Balance, Adidas, Nike, Asics and that’s just the beginning. With so many types, brands, styles to choose from it can be a really overwhelming process, I know myself it’s daunting to know if you really are buying the right shoe for you.

We all have different requirements and levels of support when it comes to footwear. The type of foot arch you have is important when minimising the amount of rolling that happens with your ankles. Our feet are the foundation of everything we do, they are the beginning of what starts off a chain reaction of movement. If we don’t start correctly with our feet then what help do we have with reducing and minimising injuries in our knees, hips, back, shoulders and neck. Just like that song we were taught way back in primary school our skeletal structure and muscles are ALL CONNECTED. If one component of our body is out of alignment it’s all ‘downhill’ from there (pardon the pun).

We were craving a partnership that would be capable of addressing these concerns and provide a service that is all too often, hard to come by. ‘Enter stage left’ The Running Company (TRC). It all began when long term friends, TRC founder Chris ‘Chicken’ Chapman and our main man David Turnbull had a conversation. ‘How to serve our members in the best way possible’. Fast forward to now and the partnership is truly becoming the ‘Perfect Fit. Pun absolutely intended this time! 

TRC pride itself on providing the highest level of service and providing each customer the opportunity to undergo a thorough gait analysis. The process, rich in detail and leaving no stone unturned iis very much worth the time required. Making sure you have the right shoes, the right fit and understand the ‘why’ behind the purchase.

The Running Company’s summary of a gait analysis (taken from their website)
Gait analysis is the study of your foot, ankle and lower limb motion during running and jogging. The process evaluates the foot’s anatomical structure, and its related degree of pronation. Pronation is a positive aspect; it’s the body’s natural mechanism to cushion itself. But it’s the degree to which you pronate that is the concern, particularly as one foot can pronate greater than the other, so we need to try to achieve a sense of balance.

During our gait analysis session, we film you running barefoot on a treadmill and study your movement. In digital gait analysis, a customer is filmed from behind and the recording is then played back frame-by-frame to identify specific movements not visible to the human eye in real time. We then use the analysis to assess your degree of pronation and foot fall to help find the perfect blend of comfort, support, weight and durability in your next pair of shoes to prevent injury and ensure that footwear isn’t a contributing factor to any issues you may have.

Gait analysis quick guideline/sample video of David and Chicken.

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