The Ultimate Way - Tailored Coaching

Tailored coaching is truly the most customized way forward with your running goals. It can be challenging to know what to do and when to do it, plus you will have a million what if's along the way.

The Ultimate Way - Tailored Coaching

Tailored coaching is truly the most customized way forward with your running goals. The VALUE you add by having a coach dedicated to your needs outweighs all other approaches. Learning with your coach, training plans built specific for you and a bespoke journey from start to finish. Your Movement Screening Assessment links heavily with your programs structure and intertwines your programs as one. Running and Strength & Conditioning are linked and your customized prescription will build upon both.

Scheduling and Programs
Our Partner, Training Tilt, is the place where our programs and scheduling all lives. The user experience is world class and you are able to download the app for easy access. Your program will live here and it completely syncs with your Strava account. Nothing will be missed. Training Tilt houses our entire video library and can be embedded directly to paint a clearer picture for your sessions.

Bi-weekly Calls
Our coaches are available every two weeks for a live Zoom call. If email is more your thing, we can continue this way. Bi-weekly calls are scheduled in 20min blocks.

Questions – On Call
Any questions or queries? Questions are unlimited for all of our Tailored Coaching students. After-all we are here for you. Two types of questions normally arise; Training related or admin/tech related. Your coach will be the direct contact for all training related questions and our admin team for the tech/admin side of things. Our team is located across the globe, normally response times are quick. At a max, allow us 24-48hrs (only normally over weekends).

Simply – Month by Month (After your first 12 weeks)
We believe in control and versatility for you. All of our Tailored Coaching packages are designed to be flexibly and purpose driven. Month by month allows you to control your time with us. Have a race in 4 months but not much planned afterwards? Perfect, conquer your training and put your Tailored Coaching package on hold afterwards. Come back to it when you have your next PASSION filled goal. You can change your membership package with us to our basic monthly members pack and continue to access our extensive library, courses, forum and growing shop. We want committed athletes only for our Tailored Coaching package. 12 weeks of commitment from you and us - Then we go month to month.

Tailored coaching is the ultimate experience for your running. There really is no better way to learn, increase performance and reduce your chances of injury. Simply put. Reduce the chances of injury, increase performance and have a team in your corner. Time to get started on YOUR running journey with The Running Klub.