Two bays Adventures

A well managed 28km race starting at Dromana whilst the 56km starts at Cape Schanck. Oh, is it fun!

Two bays Adventures

What a superb event. So well managed with the 28km race starting at Dromana whilst the 56km starts at Cape Schanck turns at Dromana and comes all the way home. Simultaneous starts. All meeting in the middle of the Magical Mornington Peninsula with so many happy people loving the trail and congratulating each other.

An outstanding organisation with AC/DC playing before 6am as people rocked up for a 7am start. Organisers were brilliant and as the race was to show the support and volunteers are amongst the best that I have seen in Australia and don’t get me started about the beauty of the course! Sensational!!

Anyone who knows me, knows, that I think having a coach is crucial for success. A coach that can specifically help you plan for a particular race/goal and have a strategy which is specific and robust. This is a no-brainer. Let’s face it we often think that as runners we know the lot (well apart from here at The Running Klub! We realised long ago that we don’t. We surrounded ourself with the experts to help us…. I digress!)

Take a bow at this point Dion Finocchiaro. Dion, who has the range and expertise to talk about 1500m running (4m03s) or 100km running (7hrs 03mins) or maybe a Marathon (9 x sub 2:30 Maras in 2019) BUT even better Dion has held this race record at Two Bays in the past so what better person to coach you. Really, I’m not sure if there’s better if you add all of the variables.
The run up to this race took in a life best half marathon (sept 19) and full Mara (Oct 19). Speed over longer distance was to help with this race. Not by accident the training plan and plan me for today. It certainly did that.

The course is Amazing and throws you a wonderful cocktail. You first add salt. You sip in the salty coastal trail before sticking a big old tree in your cocktail glass as you move into the rain-forest. One for the road? Yes please! Well yes sir, you hit some dirt road and then you taste a delightful concoction called “Arthur’s Seat” which pours you over rocks, makes you step up to the bar/the turn in Dromana where, of course, you ask for another Arthur! The bar tender obliges! After of course ringing the big old bell you head away, back up the hill to do it in reverse.

This race, a little like The Surf Coast Century in 2016 fooled me. I fell for the old. Oh net down hill at 40 to 56km. I’ll let the break off and dial in some road pace. Haha, yep the little pinches! 99 steps in at around the 45km mark, breaks in momentum and yep, dealing with that ambition. At Surf Coast it was the beach finish that enveloped you if like, that year the sand was soft! Dion incidentally had told me not to underestimate this course.
We’d discussed the race home would be harder than the way out. I planned to not overcook the effort before the turn, and when I crossed the finish line I saw the split had been 2.17 out and 2.34 back. A finish time of 4hrs 51mins and 29 secs. 13th place and age group winner. Delighted.

Grab your 2021 Two Bays trail cocktail. (The Two Bays Website) You will not be disappointed, oh and if you want to take advantage of coaching expertise get in touch with us at The Running Klub. We will certainly sort everything out for you. We have the team and the experience. Cocktails are great but don’t drink alone!

Written by David Turnbull