Why I want to run 24hours

Having so many athletes under our brand is an amazing privileged and one we do not take lightly.


Having so many athletes under our brand is an amazing privileged and one we do not take lightly. As co-founder of the Klub I do take our commitment to each and every athlete very seriously. We truly do want the best for everyone we work with.

One of our Australian athletes, Angus Bruce, is gearing up for a massive 24 hour challenge. He has been working with our coach and co-founder David Turnbull. By memory it they have been working together for 3 months. Just last week Angus knocked out a new Personal Best (PB) for his 10km. He is healthy, moving faster than ever and most importantly enjoying his running.

Yesterday I sent Angus a message asking him my favourite question. The question that intrigues me most when I talk with athletes, coaches and anyone who is working towards a better life or trying to become a higher performer in their chosen field. is WHY are you doing this? I asked Angus if would be ok to share our dialogue as I think it will provide a lot of you with huge benefit and perhaps get you to reflect on your approach on some key things in your world.

The conversation below is taken from our Instagram page @therunningklub.

Angus Bruce:

Angus convo 1-1
Angus Convo 1-1
Angus convo 1-1
Angus convo 1-1

My response:

Brett's response

Angus' response:

Angus response

What I would like to include is the why I am here and elaborate on what brings me to coaching/running like Angus asked.

Coaching for me is everything. It is about connecting knowledge that is often unreachable and sharing it in a way that a person can connect with it. I was born with one finger on my left hand and when I was 4, I received a toe transplant gifting me a second digit. Now, my two fingers have allowed me to see the world for a different point of view. I need to look at obstacles in really different ways to the ‘normal’ approach. Over the years this has allowed me to see a more complete picture than I otherwise would know.

How to take that picture and use the art of coaching. Understanding a topic, learning a new skill and coaching a person to educate is another. The art of coaching is such a nuanced game and what a game it is. The little details, body language, tone of voice, a tap on the shoulder, a supportive email and a well thought out plan. These make up just a fraction of the process a good coach uses as tools. Underpinning all of this is the human behavior. The Psychology behind what makes us tick. Combine this all together and who wouldn’t want to Learn. Teach. Grow.

I love running for esoteric reasons and finding the feeling of flow. I feel good in the mountains, I feel free when I’m running. I like pushing my limits some days, others I like to slowly run around the streets. I run based on internal feelings and vary rarely look for external rewards. As a coach I am similarly focused on guiding people to find the why behind their actions and provide the right tools to get them there. I’m a professional tennis coach and have been for over 13 years. I am co-founder of The Running Klub because I believe in education and the power of moving your best. I will continue to do what I can to better serve our members, help educate our team and create a better platform that allows us to engage in a deeper way. It is an honour to share The Running Klub with you all.

Thank you Angus for sharing a little about your why and for asking a little about mine.