Brett Hillier

Lean. Teach. Grow.

Hey there, I’m Brett

Creative Director

Running is not an elite passion of mine, more of an esoteric quest. Man, I really do love running. The search of flow, feeling the freedom of getting outdoors and exploring the environment around.

Running has been apart of my life since I was young. School cross country teams, football training and base fitness training from my days as a semi professional tennis player.

I am currently a tennis coach based in Hong Kong and expanding into longevity coaching, life and business coaching too. The title isn’t important to me, it is the connection, progress and development of working with people daily that matters.

The three aspects that I focus on most is very simple. Learning, teaching and growing. It is about daily habits leading to future, long-term growth as a person. So much fun making it happen.

2020 is the year that I’ll be hitting the race scene with a little more gusto. Generally I have enjoyed running on my own time, without the need to take part in races. This year I have a goal to reach! Time to set a marathon PB and visit a few countries that are still to be ticked.


Running goals for 2020        

  1. Sai Kung (Hong Kong) half marathon January 19
  2. Nagano marathon, Japan. April 19 (sub 3hr) Race and country goal!
  3. Large multi-day desert race (TBA, hopefully GOBI desert in China)
  4.  One more challenge (TBA)

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