Here at The Running Klub, we are testing ourselves, our members and more with the online virtual event – The Calendar Club. The event is being managed by Atlas Go, an app that is facilitating the run with Garmin, Strava and other run data to keep us on track. 

The event has people participating from Hong Kong, England, Las Vegas, Czech Republic and Australia. We have opened the event to allow participants to undertake the challenge as a team or (the ultimate test) solo. The app has been fantastic in creating an online community with us all supporting each other every day. 

Today, the event entering day 16, we have covered 120-miles (193km). We are starting to feel it for sure but the momentum and support still stands. 

Emma, from Team RK – I’m not an avid runner, more of a walker since having a baby last year. Coming from a very strict lockdown and hard winter in Europe the Calendar Club has been just what I needed to get back into an active routine. I’m doing this event with friends and family which is making it manageable. Honestly I never been one for online events but the support and encouragement has really made me get out of my comfort zone. I’m finding myself running or jogging a little longer than I normally would and I’m feeling so much more confident with my fitness.  

Below is what the Calendar Club looks like around the world. 

Discovery Bay, Hong Kong – Team Mindful Roadkillers
Gold Coast, Queensland – Aaron Hillier
Kalamunda, Western Australia – Emma Whetnall
Liberec, Czech Republic – Brett Hillier
The Ridgeway, England – Suki Gregory
Wiltshire, England – Aine Halton-Hanley

If you are interested in participating in our next online challenge, register online and we will keep you posted.