Couch to 5km

Couch To 5km

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Getting Started, Getting Clear and Getting To Work

The first step is the most important. Making a decision to achieve something important and special to you. The second step is knowing the reason WHY. When your why is strong enough, the harder days become easier. The daily commitment to becoming better is more possible. This chapter will help you confirm your why, gain more clarity with you purpose and prepare you for nothing but success.

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Programs, Puzzle Pieces and Purpose

Running is one thing, running well with structure is another. This module will build the understanding of what key sessions offer, how we can place them in your training program and give you the tools to make your very own.

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Shoes, Glorious Shoes

Every time you land, 3 times your body weight is driving through your body. What you wear and, surprising what you don't wear can impact force reduction, force creation and how your body is able to cope with the demands of running. remember, we are born to move and run, this chapter will help you explore the most debated topic of the running shoe.

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Recover Like A Boss

The secret ingredient to all high performing athletes. Recovery builds, repairs and maintains your daily work. Allows you to get up and do it all over again. There's some simple and POWERFUL tools within this chapter.

Module 5

Knowing Your Style

Gait (running form) can be a really challenging thing to understand. People dedicate their life to studying the science behind running form. Lucky for you, we can take some clear and easy to understand points to create better running form. better form equals less chance of injury. Yes, please!

Module 6 Couch to 5K

Strong Like Ox

Strength & Conditioning is not only for body builders. Every person can benefit from adding strength & conditioning within their week. For us 5km runners, it is such an important element in helping us reduce injury and maintain good running form.

Module 7 Couch to 5K

Almost Go Time

With only one week remaining after this, we are making the adjustments to get you cruising into next week, your final week. You have done the work to get here, now it's time to get yourself in prime condition to achieve your goal.

Module 8 Couch to 5K

Go Time

You have done the work by this stage. It's time to take what you have learnt and achieve your 5km goal!

Sneak Peek

Week 1 of Couch to 5K

Brett's provides an introduction of the Couch to 5K course.

Brett is the coach and creator of the Couch to 5km course. He is also one of the co-founders of The Running Klub.
Brett has spent his life helping others reach higher heights with their health and well-being, performance mindsets and personal growth.

''It may feel like the mountain is too big to climb, let's forget about that for a second - Let's just focus on taking one step forward now. Then we will take one more. You can do this, one beautiful step at a time.'' - Brett Hillier

Brett Hillier - Coach and Co-Founder