Federico Heredia Barion

Retraining our bodies to move more natural and live more human

Hola! Soy Federico,

Head of Performance

Argentinian born and raised. Barcelona based since 2008.

I’ve never settled I absolutely love teaching and learning and doing both all over the globe.
I’m a Proffesor in Physical Education – Human Runnning Coach – Physical Preparation Trainer –  Sprint & Power Coach – Father of two lovely girls.

I am a former sprinter, current endurance runner and health hunter and gatherer.

2020 Goals

Keep growing, not ageing!!
1. Make The Running Klub the ultimate running learning platform & community.

2. Be able to help more people improve their health and become better runners.

3. Teach to travel and travel to teach. Ultimately to continue to learn this way.

Contact Me

Ask a private question below or jump on our FaceBook page and tag me. I’ll jump on and ask it as soon as I can!