Day 3 of my writing challenge. Today I asked my boyfriend if he would run with me tomorrow. Yes, you read that right. Writing these blogs makes me curious, I want to find out what these runners are talking about. 

I wake up every morning at 6:00 and go for a walk with my boyfriend and our two dogs. This morning the weather was cool and breezy. I thought to myself, I could run in this weather and love it. So, I asked my boyfriend to run tomorrow and if I say it out loud, I will do it. His face lights up because he’s been asking me to run this whole summer. I just can’t run in summer, it’s too humid and hot, and it’s not for me. 

I’m already preparing my mind for the run tomorrow, preparing myself mentally, and convincing myself that it’s not that hard and just to run free. Of course, I’m also thinking of what to wear tomorrow. I don’t know about you guys but it makes me feel good when I look good in an outfit, it’s like a confidence booster for me. It is also an excuse for me to shop more running clothes to motivate me.

When I was running a few months ago, my number 1 motivation was shopping! Second, I’ll look fit and feel healthier. My boyfriend said I have a shopping problem as I would shop every time we go out and look for reasons to buy unnecessary items, but I must say during this pandemic I’ve been good, I have not shopped for myself at all. I know running doesn’t require much, all we need is a pair of shoes and any clothing items you already have in your closet and we are good to go. I am trying not to buy clothing for months and I must say, I am doing pretty good. I’ve got all the running gear I need. 

I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow, in the meantime, let’s keep motivated and keep trying new things.