Klub membership that’s full of perks


Not your typical membership!


Our live and virtual events are built for our members in mind. All events we hold discounted by at least 80% for members with moste 

Weekly q&a + podcast

Get some insights from our special guests and listen to their own experiences.


Video Library

220 Videos and adding more and more each week. Includes Q&A’s, Workshops and presentations




Ask your fellow members and coaches a question. The best thing about a members only forum is avoiding the BS that is found in Facebook groups. It really makes a difference.

Shop Benefits

Shop discounts on watches, packs, socks, hats, body glide and more. Currently only available in Australia and New Zealand. More offers to come.


There is no risk and everything to gain. Our policy is always ‘Happy or get your money back no questions asked’.
If in the first month you want to stop, you can simply cancel. You will receive a full refund.
We are here to create strong relationships, provide our students with world-class coaches and world-class support. If we fail to do that, it is 100% on us.
Why wait for later –¬† you can start right now!



Calendar Club is the ultimate monthly running test. Our VIRTUAL event is a beautiful test on even the most seasoned runner. Don’t fear, you can join as a group to make life a little more comfortable!