Mirrim Wurnit was the Australia’s first Last One Standing race. Created by the character Lazarus Lake (Barkley Marathon co-founder). Laz had this idea back in the 70’s. It’s now turned into the global sensation that is; The Last One Standing.

This years winner, David Giles, received his golden ticket to Laz’s very own backyard race. It kicks off in October!

Race directors Peter Munns and Peter Clarke sat down to discuss all things Mirrim. From athlete selection, care of country, building momentum and what’s in store for next year. It was a unique race that was fascinating to watch.

If you enjoyed watching the race, thinking about entering next year or just interested in this style of event, this podcast will help paint a clearer picture of whats involved.

The audio quality, in spots, is a little patchy. Listen here

Please enjoy our conversation with Peter Munns and Peter Clarke

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