Movement Screening Assessment

Know more about the right technique

What is MSA?

MSA stands for Movement Screening Assessment. Movement screening is the process of analysing movement tasks for the purpose of understanding how an individual uses their body. The movement strategies they adopt, are or will, contribute to their physical performance or mechanisms of injury. The body was designed to move a certain way based on how the bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles are arranged. How an individual moves this complex system can be influenced by a lot of things, namely age, activity level, type of activity, sustained postures, limb length, previous injury, weight, etc.

What is the purpose of MSA?

With movement screen information you can explore the potential reasons behind any apparent movement incompetency and get an understanding about how your movement competency may respond to exercise (increased volume, intensity or load). This can also be used as a performance enhancing tool, identifying which patterns can be more aggressively loaded and which require more development. 

The purpose of a movement screen is NOT to diagnose, because a screen is not comprehensive enough to tell you WHY you are moving the way you are. Nor is it to make you fearful of injury or to ‘make you move normally/properly’. Assessing an injury and assessing ‘human movement’ are not the same thing. Assessing an injury is reactive; the injury has occurred so the sports medicine professional needs to try and understand why, and what is required to optimise healing. Assessing how a person moves is proactive; it provides valuable insight into your movement strategies which may predispose you to injury if the intensity and magnitude of loading you are currently experiencing continues.  

Who should get a MSA?

Let’s reframe the question, are you someone who…

  • Wants to be in good physical condition to cope with variability in training load?


  • Trains regularly and wants to make sure their training is contributing to performance and not mechanisms of injury?


  • Has a reoccurring niggle or injury and wants to know whether its related to your movement competency?

Or you’re someone who just wants to know how you move, then MSA is for you. We suggest that every athlete should do a movement screening to improve their technique and prevent injuries in the long run.

We recommend this to all levels of runners. Our  MSA  can rapidly screen you and provide you with accurate feedback.  This will ultimately help you to prepare for a run but also improve your running performance and reduce your likelihood of being injured.

How do I get started with my MSA?

Just purchase our MSA package and you will receive an email with the instruction on how to proceed.

What will I need to get started?

All you need is a camera, your mobile phone will do, and yourself. 

*We recommend you to record at 720p or 1080p. We also recommend you to perform the running drill on a treadmill. 


How long does it take before I receive my result?

As this is tailored, please allow our Strength & Conditioning coach to analyse and create your program. The process will take 2-3 business days.

What does the MSA package include?

The MSA package includes:

  • An analysis of your basic movement form
  • Identify red flag areas to focus on for optimal development
  • Create a tailored Strength and Conditioning program for you
  • Provide you with movement videos to assist with training needs