Nathan Montague

It’s about the process, your attitude and staying positive and keeping your head in check.

hey! Nathan here,

Running Coach

“For me, running does not have to be all about the times and places. It’s about the process, your attitude and staying positive and keeping your head in check. To be able to enjoy a race or running is the most important thing to me. This manifests itself in my coaching style from building confidence from the start. A holistic approach by getting to know the athlete and what makes them tick and formulating a specific and supportive program from there. My 12 years in teaching fundamenmentally was led by empowering students and building confidence to encourage long term involvement. This is led by working on clear reasons why so people have more chance of success. This helps to maintain motivation. It is specific through thorough preparation formulating methods for anticipating and confronting minefields and developing strategies for forever changing circumstances. Goal setting is vital in all of this in its many forms and is crucial for long term running focus and enjoyment. It is about the athlete today, tomorrow but also the years to come. The process is as important as the goal itself.’

My Experience

WINNER Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon – 7-Day stage race

WINNER Global Limits Sri Lanka Wild Elephant Trail 6-day stage Race 210km

WINNER (set course record) Cotswold Way Trail Race (112 miles, 19 hours 31 min)

3x WINNER (set course record) Druid Challenge (86 miles – 10h 2min)

2x WINNER (set course record) Round the Island – 72 miles, 9h 11min)

WINNER (set course record) Pony Express (62 miles – 6h 49min)

WINNER (set course record) Dawn till Dusk Ultra (96.672 km)

WINNER (set course record) Clarendon Way Trail Marathon

3rd Gaoligong by UTMB (100 miles) China

3rd Ultra Gobi (400km) China.

My Education

British Athletics Coach and Leader in Running FItness

Post Graduate Certified in Physical Education

BA Hons. Degree in English, Sports Science and PE

Over 12 year teaching, coaching and leading in Education in both the classroom and pastoral settings.

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