Brett is a founding member at the Running Klub and enjoys long walks on the beach, coffee in the mornings and the odd run here and there. He is also completing his degree in psychology and currently lives in the Czech republic with his wife Emma and baby girl Grace.

Nathan enjoys running 100’s of Km’s at a go. Having a cuppa along the way and then running a few more km’s to finish the day off. Representing the UK in his spare time and father of two beautiful girls. Nathan is our UK Head Coach and author of our ‘So you want to run an Ultra’ e-book and soon to be ‘online course’

Federico loves to squat. Hi pastimes include, yep you guessed it, squats, coaching and more squats. His photo here is taken directly from our Movement Screening Assessment. Exercise number 3, THE SQUAT. Squatting aside, Federico is an Olympic running coach, ATP tennis tour coach and father of two beautiful girls. Federico lives in Barcelona

Emma enjoys Gin, cooking up masterpieces in the kitchen and restoring old furniture. The older the better. She puts up with her Husband antics and has a beautiful daughter Grace. Em has completed the Oxfam 100km in Australia and is planning her first ultra (50km) with Nathan’s help! Em is the backbone of all things TRK.

Sydney is the best. She is constantly checking in on our members, making sure everything is going smoothly. Sydney a Hong Kong resident who lives by the beach in Pui O. Sydney creates all of TRK’s infographics and makes sure all the coaches have everything they need. What gem we are all lucky to have!