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Tailored Coaching

The premium approach to YOUR running journey

What's included in the package?

Dedicated Coach

Dedicated personal coach

Custom running program

Custom running program

Comprehensive Movement Screening Assessment

Comprehensive Movement Screening Assessment

Open communication platform

Open communication platform, direct with your coach

Personalized Strength + Conditioning Program

Personalized Strength + Conditioning Program

Full platform access

Full platform access to all content, libraries, articles and more!

Admin Support

Dedicated admin team for any troubleshooting and general platform enquiries.

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Dedicated Coach

World's Best in Your Corner

YOUR Coach is committed to supporting you, every step of the way. We want you to enjoy this process as much as we enjoy running ourselves. We are here to guide you, to provide advice, share in your triumphs and challenges.

We understand what it takes to be your best - we have learnt through many years of trial and error. Our methods, experience and knowledge will bring about the highest levels of YOUR performance.

Tailored Coaching

Why you should choose Tailored Coaching?

The Tailored Running Program is built completely for you and adapts to your ever changing life. Things come up, changes need to be made and adaption is key. We are here with you and for you every step of the way.

We build a program based on a detailed questionnaire and phone call. We then check in with you regularly. We adapt each session to get maximal benefits. We adapt when life throws curve-balls and we continue to work towards pre-defined goals.

Strength, Conditioning and Mobility
Vital for running efficiently, injury reduction and helping you run faster, stronger and for longer. It's really the best medicine for every runner. We gather a lot of information with our movement screening assessment, gait analysis and build it all together in your program. Strength and conditioning is a part of your program not in addition to it.

It's Your Program

We start with a blank canvas and we create your journey from there. We understand your why, what you want to achieve and how life may impact those dreams. We tailor the plan for you and make adjustments as required.

$99usd p/month

Total invest per month is $99usd. We will charge in your preferred currency based on the above amount. Our first payment is upfront and for a total of 12 weeks/3 months. This is for two reasons.

First, is to work with dedicated athlete who are looking to make significant changes to their running and lifestyle. It does take 12 weeks to implement a good training plan and create long lasting habits.

Second, is the workload that you and your coach will do together. The first 10 days will be discovering your goals, refining your programing and understanding your needs deeper. Great coaching takes time to build the right system, training style, programming and partnership. We are not here to skip any steps.

Investing in yourself and your running is the most effective way forward. Limiting your visits to expensive physiotherapy sessions, reducing time away from the activity you love so much and most importantly extracting the most performance possible.

Life is your creation