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You don’t know, what you don’t know.

How to Apply

We believe very strongly in our running assessments and MSA protocol. Is a running assessment suitable for every runner? In short, yes, absolutely. No matter if you are a seasoned runner or a new or returning runner. A full running assessment is a crucial element in avoiding the injury pitfalls that 80% of runners will experience yearly. Our assessment is not a silver bullet, think of it more as a performance report on your movement. You will need to make the appropriate changes to your running and life to make long term improvements. Once you receive your report, if you feel like you need some extra support, we offer programs to help.

Simply fill out your details under the heading ‘Get Started’ and we will send you an email everything you need. If you have any questions before the Running Assessment, please press the message icon on the screen or send us an email.

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