Sport and politics have always been spoken of as if they do not coexist. But, this is nonsense. The criticism of the black power salute in the 1968 Olympics on the podium by Tommie Smith and John Carlos. The questioning of Colin Kaepernick, the American football star who started the “take a knee” message during the national anthem of American Football matches and the criticism received from small corners which followed.

This is about life.

The right to exist.

To live freely and without prejudice.

Without hatred based on the Colour of our skin.

Sport transcends politics. If it can use its voice, its actions, its dialogue to bring this to the forefront. To quash the haters. Then I am 100% for that.

Voices and actions from icons such as Lewis Hamilton, Micheal Jordan and Raheem Sterling cry loud, echo and ring through the worlds ears.

Action, voice, dialogue, love are what we must do.

We are privedged in this sport that the start line of any race can be shared by anyone; and at the elite end, by the ability of the athlete, not their race.

Runners out there, run free, in mind, action and environment.