It’s the new in vogue event for us runners. The marathon was that all inspiring journey and the pinnacle of the running distances. Now, if it isn’t an ULTRA, are you really a long distance runner?

With so many flocking to the ULTRA scene we thought it appropriate to create a resource that was kick arse! Written by our UK Head Coach, Nathan Montague. It started with his E-Book and is now turning into a live, week by week, course.

The course structure is 8 weeks long and the program around 12 (we say around as it evolves pending the runners level, time commitment and ultimate goal). Our weekly catch ups are all about education and providing the tools to avoid common running pitfalls, while increasing performance.

Our members get access to both the Course and E-BOOK within the members portal. You can too. Get started HERE

Featured image by LLoyd Belcher