This article was written by Pavel Toropov and published on Runner’s World

Over the last month I have had the pleasure of getting to know Pavel. After contacting Ultra Gobi, Pavel reached out to me to discuss me potentially running the 400km Ultra Gobi race. Pavel is a core team member in organising the event.

The idea behind this race was simple. Provide our Klub members with content that is unique and present an accurate and detailed report about the entire event. Few events are as unique and epic-ally challenging – Ultra Gobi!
Post race we will be launching a video series on how to prepare for such an event, what the event itself is like and how in 2020 you can run it too!
More on this later. Please enjoy the article by Pavel Toropov here.

A few extra photos that the Runner’s World didn’t post of Yao Miao and Qi Min. The dynamic duo!

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