‘What running shoes do you wear?’
Never should the answer to that question influence what shoe you buy.
I can tell you what I wear and how they are great for me, my feet and my biomechanics. But I can’t tell you whether you should get them or not.
That would be uniformed, unethical and extremely poor, misleading or selfish advice, such as to market a shoe.
I wear Skechers. Why? Because they are great for my feet. I have a heavily arthritic joint in my right toe, extremely wide feet and am a toe striker. But, also my left hip is slightly rotated and I have a leg length discrepancy.
So how much of this information is relevant to whether you buy this shoe or not? You have your own unique biomechanics and running story concerning your feet, body and hitting the ground.
We can talk ‘traction’, we can talk ‘last’. But, again that also depends on how your feet strike the ground and move in the shoe.
So, what do we get from this? Are shoe reviews redundant?
Of course I am not suggesting that. They should be a trigger point to look into a shoe with its instructions and reviews. You need to educate yourself or find someone who does know.
Your local independent retailer is perfect. Knowledgable, well informed, timely staff who have your best interests at heart.
Go find you your shoe and make it yours.