Did you know that 80% of runners get injured every single year? This one statistic empowered the founders to start The Running Klub. We were driven to showcase the world’s greatest running resources, coaches and ultimately the world’s most compelling and inspirational running platform. The Running Klub is in over 5 countries and we make it our priority to work daily on our core vision of building the most inspirational platform for running education and mastery.

We have carefully selected our coaching and office teams and made sure we meticulously curate what resources appear on our site. Some are hand-made with love and care from us, others are from people we find inspirational and worth sharing. Our insanely good office team is always just a click away from any question you may have that isn’t coaching related. 

Where do you see yourself in 3 months? 1 year or even 20 years from now? We at The Running Klub are here for the long road. We would love to play our part in your journey, how you move, how you think about optimal health and well-being and most importantly how we can share the beautiful movement of running together.

How we suggest you begin your Running Klub journey

Start with an RK annual membership. This will give you access to our growing course list, e-books, our discounted gear, video library, forum and access to our teams Q&A’s, podcasts and other members only content. The shop discounts are currently only available for our Australian and New Zealand members. When you sign up for the annual package you will get a $25AUD store credit too. This members package is valued at over $250AUD. Get it today for just $139AUD.

  • Instantly Save $89AUD
  • Plus add $25AUD in Store credit
  • Over 200 videos
  • 75+ detailed articles
  • Couch to 5km E-Book
  • ‘How to run your first ultra’ E-Book
  • Couch to 5km Course
  • Soon to launch ‘How to run your first ultra’ course
  • Community Forum
  • Weekly Q&A’s
  • Members only podcast
  • Training Templates
  • More and more added each week
  • 50% Discount on our TRK Movement Screening Assessment
  • Admin support 5days a week

Our Monthly RK membership offers all of the above benefits, minus the $25 store credit. All other member benefits are the same. You can cancel at anytime.


For anyone looking to get more of the royal treatment, it’s all about our Tailored Coaching. You will receive all of the above benefits plus a dedicated coach to develop your program, a strength and conditioning program as well as a full Movement Screening Assessment. The first month comes with a 30% discount too. The discount is to say thank you for taking the courage to get started! Tailored Coaching is just under $34 per week, it’s billed monthly in AUD.