Day two of my writing challenge. As a non-runner I’d like to share my thoughts. These are the benefits I get when I do run.

We all know that running is a good exercise for us. Anyone can do it at their own pace. It strengthens our muscles, helps us maintain our weight and many more benefits. But are those the only benefits of running?

As a person who doesn’t run frequently, I must say that when I do run, I feel great. I feel great physically and mentally. It’s very rejuvenating. Running is one outlet for me to let out my thoughts and refresh my mind. You just feel a lot better after running, you feel like you’re brand new again and you can face any challenge that the world throws at you.

Let’s talk about the running community. The running community is unbelievable, the people in this community are just very positive and uplifting. Showing support to each other even though they do not know each other or they have not met each other. This support can mean nothing or so much to a person. We will never know what a person is going through, so giving some support or advice to them means a lot. With my work, I see this happen everyday.Our company makes the effort to really connect with the community. It is very important to have a connection with the running community so we can listen and hear what they are saying and provide the service that they’ve been looking for.

You might say that running is not for you, but don’t just assume that you cannot do it. Give it a try, try it with me. I’m learning to love running through summer and winter. I want to be able to run for hours and run freely, through the weather when it’s blazing hot and freezing cold. We will be able to do that one day if we commit to our goals. Commitment is everything, if we have commitment issues we will never be able to reach the goal that we set for ourselves. Let’s stop making excuses and let’s get running. Now that you have finished reading this, get off the screen and put on your shoes and run out there!