Guys, the simple question is why I came on Paint right now is because I wanted to talk about purpose and mission-driven statements because as a business owner, I found out that they’re pretty much a big blank. Business and mission and driven and vision and drive and what are we doing? Strategic analysis. It’s like, okay, at the core, what do we do? What’s the purpose behind it? The why? The ‘why’ do we get up and run in the morning? Is it to become a better runner? A better role model? To live longer?  To be more fit? Because it’s meditative or you just simply enjoy it?

There are so many questions, but it comes down to your why. Why, why, why? So what I want you to do today is when you do anything, anything at all.  Grab food, why are you grabbing it? Because you’re hungry? Because you want sustenance or nourishment? Or because you like that food? Why are you doing those things?

Why are you running? Why are you working at the place you work at? Why are you having a conversation? Why am I doing this video? Let’s answer that. Why am I doing this video? I’m doing this video to show a different side of how we respond to things. Because I think it’s a really important insight for a lot of people.

I’m also doing it to post on social media in the hope that people will look at the information and that will drive traffic and lead generation. That’s one of the reasons to sustain the business, it’s creating content. Content is important to stay relevant and to keep people looking at our website, et cetera.

That’s the why behind this? The fundamental reason behind it is I enjoy sharing information and insights that could potentially make a difference in people’s lives. End of story. That’s my ‘why’ here every day. 

I’m at this computer and my why is to create a business that’s sustainable from anywhere in the world. That’s impactful and that makes the world a better place. It sounds super corny and cheesy, but I’ve been in a position before where I’ve made money and good money doing things that I feel like I don’t have a great impact on and I just couldn’t last these jobs. So, ultimately, we created a company that we have full control over. It’s much harder. We make far less money. We’re in debt from it. But it’s not about that. We’re trying really, really hard to fix that. Of course, we’re trying to make it sustainable and be able to do it from the laptop that I’m using right now, anywhere in the world. That’s the dream. That’s the ‘why’ behind it and changing the world in a way that we know how, and that’s through movement, it’s through health and wellbeing and it’s through, I suppose, insights on the mindset side of things. That’s a simple reason why I’m here right now, talking with you. And if you’ve got this far in the video, I challenge you today, go out there and think about your ‘why’ behind everything you do. 

The ‘what’ comes later, you will discover the answers to that when your, ‘why’ is strong enough now we’re in the midst of developing a website and app and all of these things that I have no idea about. A year ago, I had even less idea about but we had the vision with the  ‘why’, we found an investor. We have the money now. Then we find the people that know how to do it. The ‘what’ is the area of how we turn that into a product? The ‘what’ is the product, the ‘how’ the people behind, the ‘who’ create the product, the platforms we use it on this I’m really terrible. I’m trying really hard to surround myself with people who are really good at it.

The ‘why’, I understand this 100% and it’s challenging because this puts restrictions on the ‘why’ because they’re like, well, what if we did it this way? But that’s not the vision of why we’re doing it. Yeah. But we need to make money. Yes, we do need to make money, but at the same time, we don’t want to make it in a way.

That’s not going to bring about the ‘why’ and that’s important. 

Go out today. Challenge yourself to look at that.

Transcript from video with Coach and founder Brett