As I told you in my previous blog, I ran today. I did it, I defeated my bed and got up to go for a run.

I had an alarm for 5:30 am this morning but I turned it off and changed my alarm to 6:00 am. I felt tired, I didn’t want to go for a run. My bed was too comfy to leave. But I already prepared my clothes the night before and was looking forward to wearing them. I got up, brushed my teeth, washed my face, changed to my running clothes, and off we go.

The first few hundred meters felt good and I was enjoying it. My boyfriend needed to slow me down because I was going too fast and I might burn out fast. I didn’t want to run far on my first day. We decided to run for 2km I did well for the first kilometer, I wasn’t sweating yet and feeling free. But.. the second kilometer, I started to tire and the humidity was not helping. I wanted to stop so many times, I really didn’t want to disappoint him and I pushed and kept going. He kept pushing me and supporting me saying things like ‘I’m doing great!’. I appreciated it, though I couldn’t reply to him because I was focusing on my breathing. He knows that I’m very thankful for his support.

I also saw a video yesterday of Damian Hall running for 268miles non-stop. I told myself he did 268miles and I’m only doing 2km. What’s my excuse? Nothing. So, I just went and ran and ran for 2km.

After we finished the 2km, I thought I was gonna die. I couldn’t get up the stairs to our house but he’s still there supporting me. I conquered the stairs to our house and walked around for a bit to cool down. We then got the dogs and walked them to the river.

I feel good now. Legs are a bit tired but it’s okay. The pain is just temporary, the benefits of running are long term. I think I could run 3 times a week now. I will slowly increase my distance and I’ll get to my half-marathon goal. Actually, I think I’m going to join the Couch to 5km course with Brett.

Early start of the day, and feeling productive.